Who is Steph?

Think of me as your nutrition nerd friend that’s always in your corner.

I help you get to the root cause of what's blocking you from feeling your best as a woman navigating her 30s and 40s. Together, we break down limiting beliefs, habits, and thought patterns that are preventing you from feeling energized, confident, youthful, and sexy.

I am a dietitian trained in functional and integrative medicine. I’ve worked alongside well-known functional medicine practitioners and naturopathic doctors for the past 14 years. I’ve had the privilege of learning from the best of the best, and now leverage what I’ve learned to help moms with the nutrition tools and mindset shifts they need to succeed.

I have a virtual nutrition practice and founded an online postpartum nutrition program, Postpartum Reset. This low-cost program is my attempt to bridge the gap with the lack of nutrition information moms receive during/after pregnancy from their doctor.

I was also Whole30’s RD for 6 years and created their plant-based Whole30 program. I’ve worked with thousands of people supporting habit change, elimination diets, and communication confusion science for the general public.

I’m currently the co-host of the “Doctor Mom” podcast, a top-rated podcast where we have honest discussions about motherhood with a variety of practitioners and health experts.

I’m also the Head of Practitioner Relationships at Needed. 95%+ of moms are navigating nutrient deficiencies and food alone won’t cut it. I help moms understand how to leverage labs and supplements to feel their best.

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Steph Greunke, RD

A registered dietitian who helps women learn how to nourish their bodies, hit their health and body composition goals, and become the most vibrant version of themselves.